3 stairs business men fall in when opening a new business

            You will not realize how much important it is to grab a new company into your market than to have your existing customers. It is highly expensive to get new businesses to your market when the competition is high and your competitors are waiting to eat you alive.         

            Still it is not a mission impossible but a long way to reach success, and when I say success it doesn’t mean to reach your goal and sell another business or individual, but it is to sell another business and keep this consumer loyal. Did you ever thought of what should I do to keep consumers loyal to my organization? On the other hand I have to think about why customers are buying my products? If you are not able to answer this question why would consumers buy from you?

            I also heard too many people saying they will come back to me because I have the lowest price and price is a competition by itself, but NO, price can sometime be a drawback to the product that will reflect the brand of the product. Furthermore, let us think about what is the most selling mobile phone in Lebanon? Is it the cheapest?

            People buy what they trust, and this why new businesses suffer a lot in the first 5 development years, where business owner will be busy with the details and the development of this company and not about the brand that it needs time to show up.

            New business developers believe that whenever you expose the product you can sell it, but on the contrary people will buy safety, load of mind, and trust first and after that your product. But what if the product or the brand is new? Are there any steps I should follow to sell my products?

            In Sales meetings you should not focus on doing the sales instead you should focus on showing customers that you are ready to serve them, on the other hand start doing sales buy knowing who your customers might be, research them, study them, know them and visit them. Start your meeting by Ice breaking, remember that trying to close from the beginning may hurt your deal, stay cool and self-confident, show your potential customers that you are willing to stand and leave any time without closing the deal but be cautious that you have to make your potential customer fall into your trap.

Finally try not to use words like contract but instead use agreement letter, use don’t lose it instead of buy it, use confirm it instead of sign it.

Remember if what you are selling doesn’t suite the buyer don’t try to show him the opposite, buyers are not stupid neither will be happy if treated this way. One of the main things to know as business man is that there is nothing called “no I’m not interested in sales” instead we should always know the reason of why not in order to work on the concerns and get positive results.


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